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Woodquay Galway Wash Club

Woodquay Galway Wash Club

€20 Per Month Woodquay Galway ***UNLIMITED*** Wash Club


washing unlimited* but very limited availability!!


We are proudly offering Galway's only Wash Club. 

How it works:

(1) Fill up the membership form by pressing "Get Wash Club Membership" below

(2) Select your choosen carwash site

(3) Fill in your details and press "continue to wash club"

(3) Again enter your details (as per your bank) along with your iban

(5) You will recieve an email as soon as your Direct Debit has been set up

(6) We will post you your memebrship card

(7) You will now be the proud owner of the cleanest car in your town :-))


*Some terms and conditions apply