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Valeting Trinity Street Dublin 2

Looking for professional valeting services in Dublin? Our car valet centre at Trinity St has years of experience, providing the best care and services that will leave your vehicle shining!

Directions to Our Car Wash & Valet at Dublin 2:

Were located on level 1 of the Trinity-St Car Park. The site is just off Dame St and a 2-minute walk to the Grafton St shopping area in Dublin city centre.



Best Car Valeting Services Dublin 2


Hire our car valeting services to give your car a brand new shine!

Car valeting is more essential to your car than you might think. Why? If you spend many hours while driving, you must already know how crucial cleaning your vehicle is. For example, your car will hold its value if it is looked after.

Basically, your favourite car endures a lot of distress every day, no matter what you might be using it for. As a car valeting company in Dublin, we clean your vehicle so that not only you but your car is 100% happy too. 


Give Your Car A Better Shine Through Our Dublin Valet Services

We are a one-stop solution for car Dublin valet services as we offer quick, efficient, & affordable solutions for a full car valet and quick car wash in Dublin, but that is not the only reason why you need us.


Car protection plus your hygiene

Keeping your car's interiors clean and hygienic by professional valet service providers in Dublin like us will help you avoid hygiene issues and allergies caused by germs.


Safety first, right?

If you drive regularly, then your car is bound to take a beating and accumulate dirt & dust. As the best valet service in Dublin and car grooming service, we make sure that your car windows' exterior and interior are clean and make the driver's ability to scan their surroundings improved.


Save money!

Wear and tear in your car's upholstery is inevitable if you don't clean it regularly; it can cost you a humongous amount of money for replacement later. Our expert car cleaning services in Dublin guarantee full cleaning and disinfecting that makes your car shining like a brand new one instantly. Besides, as a cheap car valet service provider in Dublin, we help you save the money you had to spend on cleaning supplies as well.


Get professional car valeting services.

If you are looking for the ultimate quality car wash service, you are in the right place. Our mobile car valeting services by experienced cleaners who can use the required types of cleaning solutions and tools effectively, make sure that there is no harm to the vehicle - which makes us the best valeting expert in Dublin.


We are affordable!

You might think that valeting services in Dublin are expensive, but you will be surprised to know that even if you hire our full car valet service, you won't need to drive to a fixed car wash or spend money to purchase any product for the cleaning process. It's a win-win for you.


Book with us For Best Car Valet Dublin

Do you neglect your car? Leave it unwashed & uncleaned for weeks or months as you don't get time or don't want to invest much on car wash service in Dublin? 


Hey, stop worrying!

Our full valet in Dublin & car valeting allows you to keep your car tidy while saving on the time as we will handle all the valeting activities, and you can focus on other works. Besides, as the best service provider in Ireland, we have different valet service packages to fit your budget.


Valeting Trinity Street Dublin 2


Mini Valet

Mini Valet

€ 45.00

Delux Mini Valet

Delux Mini Valet

€ 80.00

Full Valet Interior

Full Valet Interior

€ 99.00

Full Valet

Full Valet

€ 140.00

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