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Eco Car Wash

Need to Know Facts

From time to time we get enquiries about eco car wash services. There are basically two “eco” wash systems one of which we embrace, that being harvesting rainwater, which allows us to run a high volume car wash using water. Car washing with water is the only manufacturer’s methodology recommended. (Take time to read your manufacturer’s owner’s manual).

The other system is known as “waterless, noh2o, dry wash or even dry cleaning for cars!! These systems are used where water is not available or is cost prohibitive to get it to the car valet site. In some cases it is used in a hot, dusty climates; it is not suitable for professional valet services in a European climate.

The results, as per one of Europe’s largest car valet chemical suppliers (Autosmart Ltd) and incidentally a large suppler of dry wash chemicals all be it to California, L.A. Dubai etc., can include damaged paintwork and no real benefit to the environment.

Here at Crystal Valet we consciously work to valet in a professional, environmentally responsible manner, whilst at all times remembering were we all live! We use designated effluent areas, which minimize impact, while obtaining the best possible, showroom quality result.

Waterless, Noh2o, dry cleaning for cars or Eco Car Wash Systems were developed for use in warm, dry climates. The system was developed to remove the inorganic particles associated with a busy, dusty city climate – not for the organic mud and dirt that we are used to here in Ireland.

When used in the correct conditions, eco car wash can have the environmental benefits of reduced water usage as well as no effluent. However, in the Irish climate, the eco car wash system not only does not function properly, and can easily lead to damaged car paintwork. (The next time you see a car covered in good old Irish muck think about it, would you approach it with a dry cloth or a power hose?)

Eco car wash providers in Ireland almost always perform a pre-rinse of the car with water, as it is simply not possible to remove the heavy soiling typically experienced by Irish and European drivers.

The technology uses a chemical, which is sprayed onto the car. It is then wiped off with an absorbent towel. The towel MUST be kept perfectly clean – if there are any particles of heavy dirt on the towel when wiping is performed, the paintwork will certainly be damaged. Often the result is a dull finish, and scratching of the vehicle paint and trim.

The process relies on the layer of dirt being fine enough to be absorbed into a cleaning towel. In reality even on lighter dirt the cleaning towel soon becomes full of dirt and requires either washing or replacement – resulting in the same cost and environmental impact as the traditional car wash.

A waterless process will only clean where you can wipe with a cloth. This leaves dirt trapped in panel gaps, under wheel arches, panel gaps, around badges and trim etc. Conventional waterless wash products are not effective at removing typical tough soils including tar & brake dust.

Eco Car Wash Cleaning Performance Facts

  • Increased risk of Scratching
  • Dirt left in inaccessible areas
  • Poor performance on heavy soils
  • 3 x times slower than traditional car wash
  • Not recommended by ANY car manufacturer
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