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Valet Dublin 2, Dawson Street Car Park

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Dublin offers the visitor many fine attractions. From the Lord mayors house to the sublime Trinity College to name but a few, you’ll find an eclectic mix of awesome. 

At Crystal Valet you can eat or shop and enjoy the surroundings while we work diligently to prepare your car for your return. We love dirt and soap. Read on and find out why.


Soft Top Treatments

The trend of today is of soft-top motoring. We are experts in treating and protecting your convertible roof. Your roof is subject to a daily onslaught of nasties. Acidic rain, high temperatures, grease and the worst of all, bird droppings. It matters not the material. Vinyl or fabric we can help.


Eco Wash

We care for your car and the planet on which you drive. Our full-body eco wash consists of recycling rainwater. YES, that’s right. We work tirelessly to ensure minimum damage to the environment. 


Car Care

At Crystal Valet, we are specialists in the world of valeting. We offer services that others in Dublin don’t. We can valet the car in any respect and keep the condition in tiptop shape. 


Antibacterial Steam Clean Car Seats 

We use antibacterial steam cleaning. This method permanently removes the pesky odours and unhygienic bacterias from the materials inside the car. We will go at it on a full-speed antibacterial clean of car seats and upholstery. Not to mention hidden areas that retain unpleasant guests. 


The Results

Crystal Valet will make good your car with full valet services. Including alloy wheel repair, 


SMART repair, general car care, diamond-cut, powder coated & lacquer repair. CONTACT us today for more information on any of the above. 


Find Our Dawson Street Valet Location


Mini Valet

Mini Valet

€ 45.00

Deluxe Mini Valet

Deluxe Mini Valet

€ 80.00

Full Valet Interior

Full Valet Interior

€ 99.00

Full Valet

Full Valet

€ 140.00

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