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Car Wash & Valeting Dublin


Premium Dublin Car Valet Services 

Motorists in Dublin are busy people. When you are busy, your car still collects dirt and road debris. Over time this affects the condition and value of the car. To keep your pride and joy clean in Dublin you can use any number of Crystal Valet locations for quick and professional valeting service. We offer 5 levels of car cleaning. Read on and find out what Crystal Valet Dublin can do for you and your car. 


Expert Car Wash Dublin


The outside of your car is important. It represents you. That’s why an expert car wash is a must. Crystal Valet offers a unique touch to bring shine and cleanliness to your motor. Our technicians are trained to care for your car as they would their own.


Eco-Friendly Products


All our products are eco-friendly and tested to ensure no damage to paint and surfaces. We use only lamb wool cloth to wash the exterior and chamois drying. The wheels receive love too. The alloys are cleaned and polished and the tires dressed. After which, we clean all door ledges and sills and finish with the glass. The windows are cleaned inside and out and brought to a super shine.


SMART Repair

That’s not all, we now offer SMART repair (Small Medium Area Repair Technology.) This ultra-modern system can repair slight dents and scratches garnered from life on Dublin roads and bring back the bodywork and paint to a new beginning. Not to mention exterior trim and bumper rejuvenation.


Perma Wax


Crystal Valet Dublin loves waxing. Waxing protects your car from the elements. This allows the paintwork to remain fresh. We will give your car a new car shine with our full valet service protection for up to 6 months.



Remove Tar Spots & Brake Dust


Over time your car will accumulate nasty things from Dublin roads. One such issue is tar. We can remove all tar spots around the wheels and lower parts of the bodywork. This is done without damaging the paint in any way. Brake dust is common and unhealthy. We advise cleaning brake dust on regular occasions to ensure your wheels won’t discolour over time.


Scotch Guard

Scotch guard for the exterior of your car is a two-part paint protection system.  We can apply it to the exterior and interior. This robust product protects surfaces for up to 7 years.


Car Interior Hygiene and Your Family

In this post-pandemic world, we live a life of hygiene and care. Your car's interior can be a minefield of germs and infectious nasties. A full and professional valet of the interior will destroy these nasties. Apart from viruses, a common issue with families and busy drivers is bad odours. We can rid your car of odours through deodorizing and bring a pleasant aroma back to your car.


Antibacterial Steam

We offer a FULL antibacterial steam cleaning of the interior of your car. This system is proven to permanently remove unwanted smells and bacteria from your car. This process involves an antibacterial clean of car seats and interior upholstery.



We love vacuuming. We will vacuum the carpets, upholstery and even the boot area for maximum clean whatever the mess.



Premium Detailing Services


What does a full valet consist of? Our premium groom valeting service is an expertly delivered finishing touch and polish. Those touches make you stand out and show your love for your car. 

Eco-products and a delicate hand ensure craftmanship level finishes. Even down to cleaning glove boxes and all the hidden corners that collect a lifetime of dirt. Shampooing the interior is key, this entails:

The boots and vents

Vinyl and fabrics

Leather upholstery



Book Crystal Valet Dublin Now

In conclusion, vehicle detailing in Dublin needs Crystal Valet. It is easy to find your nearest location and we offer a fully professional service undertaken by trained and insured professionals. From a quick shine to full exterior and interior valet service we offer unrivalled quality at an affordable price. CONTACT US TODAY to find the road to a smart, clean, and hygienic car.






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Customized Dublin Valet Packages

We have tailored our car valeting services to your needs, and you can choose any car wash package according to your preferences and budget easily. Take a look!


Mini Valet just €45

Deluxe Mini Valet €80

Full Interior Valet €99

Full Valet at €140



Benefits Of Choosing Us!


Flexible Schedule

If you need our car wash services, our flexible opening hours for valeting allows you to reach us whenever you need us.


Latest Equipment & Technology

We use the latest technology and all our staff has the right knowledge of using these technologies. 


High-Quality Services

Since we offer excellent and high-quality services at competitive prices, we are also known as Dublin's best valet service providers.


No Hidden Charges

Our full valet services have no hidden charges, and that is why you do not have to worry about spending extra money that you don't need to.