Antibacterial - Steam Clean Car Seats

Antibacterial steam cleaning is the only proven way to permanently remove unwanted smells and bacteria from your car. It involves an antibacterial clean of car seats, upholstery and other areas that retain unpleasant smells.

Should you require any odour listed below removed then antibacterial cleaning offers you a surgical like cleaning for your car.

This is an excellent steam car wash service and if you need to steam clean car seats.

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  • Cigarette smoke
  • Cigar smoke
  • Dog odour
  • Fish odour
  • Milk odour
  • Vomit odour


How does it work

Antibacterial Steam Cleaning is the process of using activated oxygen in conjunction with a professional product named ozone.

A chemical reaction occurs when three molecules of oxygen are converted into two relatively unstable molecules of ozone. The ozone molecules react with bacteria, leaving no residues. They wipe out unwanted odours and germs and render the air/fabrics clean and fresh before reverting back to oxygen. Ozone is created naturally, but it cannot be stored due to deodorizing and anti-bacterial applications therefore Crystal Valet Centres generate this product on site per application.

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